Treatment Options for Sprains

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Are you struggling with a minor or severe sprain? At Lake Conway Medical Clinic, we understand that sprains can be frustrating and painful injuries. You need an experienced physician to take the necessary steps to ensure your injury can heal back to full strength. We are skilled in devising an effective and safe plan for each of our patients.

Sprains can occur in a variety of joints, such as the following:

  • Knee
  • Ankle
  • Finger
  • Thumb
  • Shoulder

One of our medics will form a plan for you to follow and know you are doing what is most conducive to your recovery! It is important to understand your particular plan and faithfully follow the steps given to you by your physician. Do not hesitate to find treatment for your injury! Call us at (407) 851-2790 to let us know you are coming in with a sprain.

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